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Stop Collections

We can stop collection activity NOW, including

  • garnishment

  • liens

  • creditor harassment

  • phone calls

  • emails

  • collection agency threats

  • foreclosure action

  • frozen bank accounts

  • repossession.

The law protects you from disaster, homelessness, and imprisonment, giving you time to restructure your debts and work out payment arrangements.

You cannot be thrown in jail for owing money.

We are a nation of second chances. The law is designed to protect you, preserve certain of your assets, and keep you in your home while you work out your situation with your creditors, with the help of a lawyer.

As soon as creditors know that you’ve retained an attorney, they are required to stop contacting you and deal instead with your lawyer, who can deploy a wide range of resources on your behalf to help get your financial life back in order.

These resources include negotiation with creditors, restructuring loans or obtaining loan modifications, and possibly filing for bankruptcy to have debts discharged. If collectors persist after you’ve retained counsel, you may be entitled to compensation under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

When you’re under financial duress, it can be difficult to see around the corner to a brighter day.

We understand your situation at Todd Murphy Law

It’s vital to take the first step before things get worse.

Early action gets better results. Call our office now!

From our offices located in Bedminster, we serve all of Northern New Jersey, including Somerville.