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New Jersey Governor Murphy Extends New Jersey Eviction Moratorium for Residential Tenants and Homeowners

Many New Jersey residents have lost jobs or had their hours reduced making it hard or impossible to pay their rent. Governor Murphy saw the need to help these New Jersey residents and enacted a New Jersey Eviction Moratorium protecting tenants from being removed from their homes during this difficult time. The moratorium has been extended each month keeping the protection in place to protect New Jersey tenants.

The moratorium applies to tenants and homeowners

This moratorium applies to tenants subject to eviction by landlords and homeowners subject to removal from their homes following a sheriff's sale upon foreclosure.

Governor of New Jersey Enacts Eviction Moratorium

In March, when the pandemic hit New Jersey hard, Governor Murphy put into place several Executive Orders starting with Executive Order 103 on March 9, 2020, in which he declared a State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency effective immediately on that day. On March 19, 2020, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 106 enacting a moratorium on the removal of people from their homes due to tenant evictions or foreclosures.

Governor of New Jersey Extends Eviction Moratorium

Every month starting April 1, the governor has extended the State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency. Once again On July 2, 2020, Governor Murphy extended The State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency through Executive Order 162.

Each of these Executive Orders extends the anti-eviction moratorium for “two months following the end of the Public Health Emergency or State of Emergency established by Executive Order No. 103 (2020), whichever ends later….”

With the July 2 Order extending the State of Emergency for 30 days, this extends the moratorium through September 30, 2020.

I expect the Governor to extend the Order at least once again in August but we will wait and see how things go. He is under a lot of pressure from Trump to get things back to normal although, thankfully, the Governor has taken a conservative approach to things.

Don’t let landlords take advantage of you

Some landlords have been trying to evict tenants even though the moratorium is in place. Read more here: Don’t let this happen to you.